Pilates is only for women…

Pilates is more often than not perceived as a ‘women’s’ activity. Let me assure you; this is utter nonsense!

Not only was Pilates invented by a man (Joseph Pilates), but loads of high-profile male athletes (as well as famous celebrities) use it to maintain core strength and flexibility!

You need special apparatus to practice Pilates…

There are two types of Pilates workouts. One involves an exercise mat and some floor space and the other utilizes Pilates apparatus. Yes, the apparatus can be used to facilitate enjoyable and productive workouts, but it’s not essential!

You can infuse the fundamental Pilates movements and principles within a mat exercise program from your own home, without needing to invest in complex or expensive exercise equipment.

Pilates only works on your Abs…

Pilates can be practiced to strengthen each of your abdominal sections, to achieve a firm, flat stomach, but there are plenty of other benefits to be had from regular practice too:

  • Control: Achieve heightened control of your body and increased fluidity of movement.
  • Concentration: Enhance your levels of concentration and mind/body focus.
  • Precision: Develop a heightened level of self-awareness and an intricate understanding of your body.
  • Breath: Harness the power of breath control and use it to reduce the side effects of stressful and physical activities, etc.
  • Flow: Practicing movements with fluidity and grace can help improve your poise, posture, and coordination.

You can lose lots of weight through Pilates…

Pilates offers numerous physical and mental health benefits, but weight loss isn’t really one of them. However, it can be used effectively, as an indirect route to weight loss! Through strengthening your core, improving your flexibility, and reducing your risk of injury, Pilates can significantly increase your body’s capacity for exercise, allowing you to maximize the potential of calorie-burning workout sessions on the treadmill or cross-trainer!

Pilates mat classes will increase your full body strength…

Pilates is designed to improve your abdominal muscular endurance, but if you have never engaged in strength training, then Pilates will also help to develop your muscular strength.

And there you have it… By including Pilates as a part of your daily exercise routine, you can achieve far more than a flat stomach.

Having studied Pilates for many years, I can safely say it has done me the world of good! Unfortunately, there are lots of misconceptions and myths surrounding the subject which have prevented many from trying it. So… I’ve written this post to try and address a few of the most common Pilates myths.